Our Services

Here at Advice PC Group we have a variety of services, from hardware repair to website design, we do a little bit of everything in the tech industry. Many of our services are listed below. We strive to help serve our community to become better technology users. Not all offerings cost the customer, we post from time to time short videos on our youtube channel. This information is informative and free. Please feel free to visit our Contact Page to leave any questions or comments you may have.


Businesses today CANNOT afford downtime!

Advice PC Group, LLC workstations are built with your business needs in mind, built to ensure longevity which increases hardware ROI. We also offer pre-built computers for home use. For antivirus protection, we recommend ESET for Business users as well as home users requiring advanced protection. All PC’s come with free delivery and free setup (Pierce County only).

Business and Home

All of our business systems are designed for your specific office needs. Please contact us for your needs and use requirements. Most Dental and Chiropractic Offices have specific needs due to custom software such as Dentrix or ChiroTouch. As easy as a description of business need, we can get started on the perfect custom PC / Network quote. Also, ask about pricing for Linux workstations and servers. All New PC's and Servers come with free delivery and setup in Tacoma and Puyallup area. Free setup includes hardware setup and system boot up, required services beyond boot up will be billed at normal rates. View our rates. Contact us today for modifications or order pre-built computer here.

Business Support

We can assist your business with outsource Technical Support "by the hour" or through a SLA Contract. Most business outsource legal questions to an attorney as well as accounting tasks to an Accountant.

Outsourcing your IT department today will provide technical expertise and cost savings.

Retaining an outsource partner with Knowledgeable Staff, integrity, competitive price structure and honesty will control cost of technology support and increase technical expertise available.

Our management believes in the benefits of proactive support and understands reactive support causes frustration. Monitoring Network, Servers and Workstations periodically will reduce unexpected down time. If new hardware is needed, our hardware department can provide your office with custom workstations. We designed workstations for your current needs and we keep your future growth in mind. These guidelines allow us to provide customer service, products and support above our competition.

Consumer Support

We understand our competition.

I am sure you have seen the large PC manufactures advertise low prices and rebates on selected computers. However these computers are basic PC's and the price will increase quickly with minor upgrades you may require or want. Also, have you contacted a large vendor support center? We believe vendor support centers want to provide excellent support. Unfortunately, phone support experiences have ended with unsatisfactory results for different reasons.

We offer prices competitive with large PC manufactures with computers and laptops custom design to meet your needs. All of our hardware is easily upgraded. Honestly anyone can build a cheap computer, we choose to offer only quality components at competitive prices. Advice PC Group, LLC request the opportunity to earn your business and we are willing to earn it with great customer service, professionalism and honesty.

We provide upgrades, repairs and troubleshooting. Just bring your computer in and we'll assist you with your needs.

Asset Management

We conduct an initial software inventory to create license tracking system. We determine under and over licensing, assist with employee production, improves performance and reduction of costs. Keep your data safe and have peace of mind. Call or email for quote.

Software Asset Management offers licensing experts to verify your software licensing without speaking to software manufactures directly and no information provided to software manufactures. We provide software licensing informatin from ex-microsoft volume license expert.


Slow computer? Locking up, etc. We diagnose your system, improve it's performance, check for virus protection and internet firewall's, back up your system, decrease vulnerability of your PC to hackers, clean inside your machine.

$90.00 flat rate for all customers. Service provided in shop. On-site optimization see applicable onsite rates


  • Residential - $46.00 per hr
  • Remote Support Residential - $46.00 per hr
  • Business/Remote Assistance - $55.00 per hr
  • Server Remote Administration - $75.00 per hr
  • Data Backup - $40.00 per DVD
  • Advanced Data Recovery - Call/email for quote
  • Virus Removal (without rebuild)- $80.00 for single infection. $150.00 for multi infection

Other charges

Onsite Support

  • Customer/Home user support - $46.00 per hr
  • Business Support without Server - $62.00-$85.00 per hr
  • Business Support with Server - $90.00-$150.00 per hr

Trip Charge

  • Up to 8 Miles - $17.50
  • Balance of Pierce County - $25.00
  • King County - $30.00
*calculated from the office

Web Design Service



Easy to use
Quick Setup
Beginner Site


Advanced Design
User Control Panel
News Blog
Content Editing
Easy Setup


Custom Design
Advanced Control Panel
Unlimited Support
Advanced Setup
Business Features





Hosting $15/mo $25/mo $30/mo $45/mo
Admin Control Panel Simple Simple Advanced
Servicing Charge* $62/hr $62/hr $65/hr $75/hr
$62/hr Promo!
Design Basic Advanced Portfolio†† Custom
Page Limit 15 full pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Access
Admin Control Panel Updates** Limited Limited Unlimited
Estimated Time for Initial Build*** 8 Hours 10 Hours 13 Hours 20 Hours
News Blog
Content Editing
Art/Photo Gallery
Mobile View
*Servicing charge is the hourly labor charged when making changes, creating, managing, or updating your website.
**ACP Updates help improve and keep the software up to date; unlimited updates gives you the power to give more advanced options with an hourly Service Charge.
***Estimated time, not guaranteed, that it takes to make the initial starting build of the website.
†Limited time promotion price; normal rate is $75.
††Portfolio design is intended for art/photography.

Production Process

Rough Draft

We carefully put our websites through a step-by-step process that ensures a finishing product that will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Communication is key in this process, and designing the website takes some time and patience; we want to get it just right for your application or business.

Each website is also put through a trial-and-error stage where bugs and broken elements of the project are weeded out, and corrected, before publication. After the website is designed, tested, and created, we will contact you with confirmation of the design and content, then when everything is finished, the website will be ready to be published.

To publish your website, you will need a registered domain name (Such as www.example.com) purchased from either a recommended service by us, or a service somewhere else. Part of these starting steps requires communication, and we'll help you set up your domain registration and website access. Without a registered domain, your website will not be seen! Give us a call or use our contact page to get in touch with us during the process if need be.