About Us

Here at Advice PC Group, we strive to serve our community and to better ourselves. We are a small business dedicated to servicing anyone and everyone, from other businesses to walk-in guests; each day we continue to grow and mature into a better company. Our company has been serving the community since 2003, and we've traveled a far journey to get this far. We want to serve you, and give you a better experience.

While our ambition is big, our goal is simple. We want to provide the best experience in the tech industry; each day technology continues to progress and grow, and with that growth, there is need for more service for these technologies. Advice PC Group has always done its best to continue to preserve our principles and goals, to grow with our community, and technology, to continue our impact on the community, and more.
What makes us different? We maintain a high standard of support, honesty and professionalism. I am certain this may ring a bell from every advertisement. However, once you have experienced our customer service, technical expertise and pricing structure you will see our motto is correct; 'Out-Service and Out-Perform'. We pride ourselves as "Technology Experts".
Bill R.